In 2016 I invoked forces larger than myself to transform my life.  The result has been a dark night of the soul that has dissolved my sense of boundaries, identity, career, home and family.  This journey has taken me around the world, brought blind spots into focus, and forced me to dream it all up again.

It's been a painful process, but growth is never easy.  Sometimes it requires losing what you believed you couldn't live without and finding reasons to go on anyway.  Sometimes those losses are all that can bring you to your higher self.  

My podcast, Apotheosis, is the result of soul this work.  It began in the summer of 2017 with Wetiko--an auditory  response to my first trip to the Peru to work with indigenous Shipibo shaman and their plant medicines.  Each solstice, equinox, and cross-quarter I release a new episode along along with original artwork and performing rituals in nature.  

The music in this series is meant to evoke a variety of experiences that will alter and elevate your consciousness.  

Series 1 ran from June 21, 2017 to May 5, 2018.

Series 2 begins on this year's Summer Solstice.  

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