Episode 5: "Reverie"

This mix exists because I needed beauty in a time of darkness.  A year ago today I entered what some might call a “dark night of the soul.”  It was a period I barely survived and from which I am still recovering. 

But there were two elements in my life that I turned to every day to bring something beauty into my world:  time with my dog and music.

I had only one aspiration for this mix:  to make something beautiful.

This solstice I feel my dark night of the soul finally ending, and like all periods of pain and loss I have learned much about myself and what I will allow from others.  I haven’t turned the corner completely but I feel the light breaking; I feel the sun returning. 

May this music bring beauty to your lives as you celebrate the longest night of the year with the warmth of friends and family and the blessing of the eternal force from which we all arise.


  • Reverie by Claude Debussy

  • Room 29 by Jarvis Cocker

  • Ebenalp by Elica

  • The Bard--Symphonic Poem, Op. 64 by Sibelius

  • Wait for Me by Luca D'Alberto

  • Nue by Nils Frahm

  • Immunity by Jon Hopkins

  • Varoeldur by Sigur Ros

  • Apnee by Kanding Ray

  • Wake up Wake Up by Lullaton

  • Symmetry by Max Cooper, Tom Hodge

  • Ground Hover by Specta Ciera

  • Evil Architecture by 1 Mile North

  • The Plain of Dover by Celidh