Episode 2: Dimension Five

Drawing by MaitreyaPunk

Healing begins with breaking the paradigm that is sick, that needs repair.  Healing begins with elevating our awareness beyond 3D consciousness into the next phase--the Fifth Dimension, 5D, Dimension Five.  This is not easy work, but it's required.  Calling all peaceful warriors.  

This music began on my second trip to Peru, and through the conversations I had with an incredibly gifted, beautiful, and generous healer that I met there.  This music is for her journey, for my journey, for all of the twin flames in the world, for all who walk between worlds.  

Open the channel.  Let the awareness find its way through.

The work has just begun.

Thank you MaitreyaPunk, my Twin Flame, for the cover image. 


  • Bass Thing by A Stranger Haven

  • 3 Roads by Xavier Rudd

  • Awareness by Kalya Scintilla

  • Wide Eyed by Quanta

  • Halcyon by Filastine

  • Entering the Black Hole by Hugo Kant

  • Create Culture (Whitebear Remix) by Quanta

  • Universal On Switch by Govinda

  • Black Hole by DRRTYWULVZ

  • From Far Away by 16 Bit Lolitas

  • Epoch by Tycho

  • Om Rama by Alice Coltrane

  • The Aubergine of the Sun (Live) by Ott & The All-Seeing I

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