Episode 6: Liminal

And now begins the Imbolc cross-quarter, the liminal state between Winter and Spring.  Throughout the forests a network of interconnected roots send signals to wake up.  Dormant seeds twitch with early signs of life.  In the high desert, the Western Junipers' needles become sticky with resin.  Berries will be here soon.

We have made it through the winter; all the dormant spheres of nature are waking.  Winter is not over, but its reign is wainning. 

"When you look at your body, when you look at the world, it seems you are engaged with everything. That you have no time for God. But, every night, he dissolves your body into a subconscious sphere and makes you realize you are not a man, not a woman, but a piece of consciousness. A reflection of his consciousness sleeping in space, in joy. " --Paramahansa Yogananda

Liminal means to hold the space between two boundaries, to sit exactly on the threshold.

We are at all moments in the present, between the thresholds of the past and future.  We have one foot on the Earth and the other in the heavens.  We are a liminal species, always betwixt and between.

This music represents that idea.  


  • Amed by Nils Petter Molvaer

  • The End of Dukkha by Matthew Halsall

  • Lonely Boy by The Avener

  • Final Eclipse by The Comet is Coming

  • Do the Astral Plane by Flying Lotus

  • Sequoia Tree Source Recording by Deya Dova

  • Ihs by Alice Coltrane

  • Accelerating Self-Healing, Pt. 2 (With Subliminal Affirmations) by Steven Halpern

  • 5 Steps (Hidden Orchestra Remix) by Clarinet Factory

  • Alfilia Mi by Magnus Ostrom

  • Outro by WDL

  • The First Fire by If These Trees Could Talk

  • Also includes samples from Paramahansa Yogananda, Dean Radin (via Third Eye Drops, Episode 91), and Missy Elliot