Episode 10: Martian Time Slip

  • Genre: Psychedelic Space Techno

  • Released: Lughnasadh Cross Quarter 2018

  • Runtime: 3:27

Mars is in opposition; Mars is in retrograde.  Mars is only 35 million miles away today.  Mars has an ocean on its south pole

Mars is the next logical step in our expansion into space.  But for some, it wasn't so much that they were going there--it was that they were going back.  


  • Daniel Avery: Fever Dream (Inga Mauer Remix)

  • Berg: Monks

  • Astrix: Deep Jungle Walk

  • Ranji: Power of Acid (Pop Art Remix)

  • Omiki, Planet 6, Ankit Sharda: Krishna

  • 1200 Micrograms: E=Mc2

  • Ajja: Bebopper

  • Undercover: Balikali