Series 2

Episode 10: Martian Time Slip

  • Genre: Psychedelic Space Techno

  • Released: Lughnasadh Cross Quarter 2018

  • Runtime: 3:27

Mars is in opposition; Mars is in retrograde.  Mars is only 35 million miles away today.  Mars has an ocean on its south pole

Mars is the next logical step in our expansion into space.  But for some, it wasn't so much that they were going there--it was that they were going back.  


  • Daniel Avery: Fever Dream (Inga Mauer Remix)

  • Berg: Monks

  • Astrix: Deep Jungle Walk

  • Ranji: Power of Acid (Pop Art Remix)

  • Omiki, Planet 6, Ankit Sharda: Krishna

  • 1200 Micrograms: E=Mc2

  • Ajja: Bebopper

  • Undercover: Balikali

Episode 9: Exodus Gaia

For generation they had ignored Gaia’s warnings until, finally, it was too late.  Gaia’s resistance to their continued dominance was unavoidable.  This time the world would end in fire, just as Revelations had promised, the planet would go fallow for several millennia, then the biosphere would start again.  This time, without them. 


Into space they fled.  The playthings of technocrats became property of the masses by the points of guns.  All systems were go.

They were the generation of exodus. 


  • Holly Herdon: Breathe

  • Bicep: Drift

  • Third Eye Drops: Mind Meld 104 | The Beauty of a Billion Failures with Dr. Dennis McKenna and Dr. Bruce Damer

  • Simian Mobile Disco: Caught in a Wave

  • Gabriel & Dresden ft. Jan Burton: Underwater (Tinlicker Remix)

  • Porangui: Sachamama (Kaminanda Remix)

  • Deya Dova: Hyperglide--Sky is on Fire (Juno Reactor Remix)

  • Hilight Tribe: Shankara

  • Enigma: Gravity of Love (Judgement Day Remix)

  • Highlight Tribe: Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix)